About Kalli Rose Halvorson

Kalli Rose Halvorson, August 15, 1955-December 20, 2009, was an amazing woman. She was an astrologer, lay astronomer, feminist, feminist scholar, priestess, religious scholar-both Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic traditions, seer, musician, singer, writer and a true and loyal friend.  Kalli was a devotee of Kali, Durga, Shiva and secretly, a lover of Christ.   She loved the Divine Mother in all Her manifestations.  It is from this shared love that we became friends.

I feel humbled to be asked to write an introduction to who Kalli was and to her work.  She was my friend.   Kalli Rose was also a devoted and rigorous scholar.  Kalli’s body of work is extensive.  She researched using all of the tools available to her.  She used both traditional academic tools of research and those that are less traditional in our Western world view, but I believe, as she did, that those tools of the Shaman and practitioners of indigenous religions, are the most traditional tools.   Because Kalli was both a rigorous academic scholar and a practitioner of shamanic trance she was able to combine both fields of study in her work.  Her writings are often nothing short of revolutionary.

Some of the following writings are in their incubation stages. We will never know where further research and shamanic trance explorations would have taken Kalli Rose because she died from uterine cancer that metastasized to her lungs and bones before she could flush it out.  For these works I can only hope that others who are feminist astrologers and astronomers as well as shamanic practitioners will see the value and trail that was blazed by Kalli Rose and continue her work.   There are many ideas and pieces here that are fully flushed out by Kalli Rose.  All of the work here is foundational work and is meant to be used in that way, as a foundation for further work.  Kalli’s presentation at the conference A Mother World is Possible is an example of that.  She presented at that conference only weeks before she died.  As I watch it I see the joy and excitement she felt at that conference, I also see her struggling to breathe because of the cancer in her lungs.

This website of Kalli Rose’s work is here because of the important and trailblazing nature of Kalli’s work.   Roxanne Ansolabehere has worked tirelessly along with Kalli’s sister, Kristi Halvorson, to make this happen. Roxanne and Kalli Rose had been friends for over 33 years before Kalli died. Kristi is Kalli’s sister and is devoted to feminist causes and, of course, Kalli Rose. If not for these two women, Kalli’s dream of being published would not have come to fruition in any form.  Now because of them, this website is here for all to see and learn from.  Kalli Rose was not as interested in making money as she was in getting credit for her long hours of research and writing.   She, like me, felt that women’s work was undervalued, under recognized and underpaid.   We often discussed the expectation of the work of women being “volunteered” in schools, in the home and, well, everywhere. Kalli is no longer here to receive money from her work, but now she can receive recognition and credit for her long and vigorous hours of research that lead to her ground breaking work of reclaiming the skies from patriarchal domination and returning Goddess, in all Her manifestations, to Her rightful place.

~ Liona Rowan



Kalli Rose’s Cancer Journal

Dating between June 24, 2008 to August 9, 2009, this journal comes from the caringbridge.org website after cancer tumors were detected in her lungs.  On August 5, 2006, a stage 3c malignant mixed Müllerian cancer tumor was removed from Kalli’s uterus.   A very rare and insidious, aggressive cancer was a challenge for Kalli that she took head on.  After extensive chemotherapy and radiation, with periods of relief, the tumors migrated to Kalli’s lungs. She passed away on December 20, 2009, surrounded by her dear friends.

Kalli Rose Halvorson Obituary 

Obituary from the Portland Oregonian and the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Oregonian Newspaper Obituary Section with Comments

We Celebrate Her Flyer

On April 11, 2010, about fifty of Kalli’s friends gathered at her dear friend Nancy’s house in Berkeley to celebrate Kalli’s immeasurable life.  Kalli’s guru, Troma Rigtsal Rinpoche, also known as Kali Ma, re-performed the bardo rites she had done after Kalli’s passing.  Bardo is designed to incorporate a lifetime of spiritual practice into the moments of transition we call “death”. It helps the dying person to chart a path through the dissolution of consciousness as it is experienced after the physical death.



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