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The following collected writings of Kalli Rose Halvorson span some thirty years and range from her B.A. thesis in 1980, to publications of white papers, and finally poems and personal/philosophical musings. Her work, with the different threads of study and reflection from her life……from feminism, astrology to goddess worship……  are woven throughout.  The works were unprecedented and oftentimes not rooted in prior scholarship.  She was a singular thinker.

For those of you who come to this site, whether in homage, curiosity, or just a happenstance browse, we invite you to stay awhile, visit, and meet a brilliant and imaginative spirit who in her short life contributed original thought by synthesizing the disciplines of women’s studies, astrology, and goddess-centered worship.  It is our sincerest hope that scholars in these fields use Kalli’s work as foundational and that her extraordinary thoughts seed the future.


Meet Kalli Rose Halvorson:



 The Option of Radical Coptic Christianity in Fourth Century Egyptian Villages: Toward a Cosmological Grid of Inquiry

Kalli’s B.A. thesis from UC Berkeley in the of Winter 1980. Her purpose was to articulate the radicalism of the early 4th century Copts and to show how the agrarian life, coupled with Roman rule, affected the growth of this early Christian sect. She posits that years of institutionalized Christianity and the subsequent scholarship have affected the way history and the church has regarded these early Christians. 1980


Mother in Monotheism: A Cycle of Marian Chaplets:

A Master’s thesis presented to the Faculties of the Graduate Theological Union and Starr King School for Religious Leadership for Kalli Rose’s MA at Berkeley, California February 19, 1986. The thesis is a study of Mary who holds the singular position as the sole sacred feminine, the female and the mother in the Christian religion.  1986


Herstar Invocation One

Kalli’s 1997 magazine/newsletter that insisted the feminist perspective had a place in astrological study. She “called” (as in a chant) 23 thinkers/astrologers/feminists to submit writings on “How Does Feminism – Depending on How I Define Feminism—Make a Difference in My Life As an Astrologer?” 1997 NOTE: This is a large file (64 MB) so may take a few minutes to download.


Call and Response Chant -  from Herstar Invocation One

This is Kalli’s “call” to other feminist astrologer scholars to examine feminism in astrology and how it affects their scholarly perspective. Kalli saw that the feminist mode of inquiry actually freed both sexes to more fully examine spiritualism and philosophy without being tethered to restrictive and conventional thoughts and traditions. 1997


Herstar Invocation Two

Following the success of Herstar Invocation One, in 1998 Kalli published the second volume, once again calling on 26 thinkers/astrologers/feminists to submit writings on “How Does Feminism – Depending on How I Define Feminism—Make a Difference in My Life As an Astrologer?” 1998


The Circle is Open   -  from Herstar Invocation Two

The publication of the Herstar magazines opened a sacred circle of community, prayer, and sharing. This article is Kalli’s response to the question posed by the Herstar magazines, “How Does Feminism – Depending on How I Define Feminism—Make a Difference in My Life As an Astrologer?” 1998


Kali-Ma and the Undulations from the Sky – from Herstar Invocation Two

This article is a statement of how Kalli saw the correspondence between feminism and feminist astrology. It was in her words it was a “a skyquake.” She would later state, “So it is above … so below.” This is a statement of belief that when the philosophical and religious institutions change regarding astrology…so will the world. S/he who rules the heavens, rules absolute. 1998
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Dissertation Proposal for Womanist/Feminist Spiritualities

This dissertation proposal was submitted to Dr. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum at California Institute of Integral Studies in May 2001 for the  Womanist/Feminist Spiritualities: Theories & Methodologies.   Kalli described it as her attempt to delineate a framework for the past 25 years of scholarship and experience. 2001


Collage of AKASHA MA


Akasha Ma Collage by Kalli Rose Halvorson

Akasha Ma Collage by Kalli Rose Halvorson

 Click Image for Larger View
AKASHA MA: Collage of Kali Ma, Stars, Nebula and Roses
© Kalli Rose Halvorson 2002


Chanting for Her in Sanskrit

A prayer of peace between women and men. 2002


Kali as God

A metaphorical pilgrimage through the four gates in Kali’s direction exploring the ways in which Kali compares to the God Kalli Rose was raised with.  The transcendent conscious cosmos of Kali’s Mother Reality is the identity and scope of the second coming, that is, of the Universal Female to come. 2003


Illimitable Kali

This was a work in progress, a virtual pilgrimage intended as a meditation, or inward current of effort, on Kali as Source of the Universe. 2003


Liberating Artemis

An introductory essay on Artemis beyond her classical and New Age reception as “Mistress of the Animals,”  “Moon Goddess,” and “amiable twin” of Apollo to a fully cosmic dimensionality as a once and future Universal Female. 2003


The Dasamahavidyas at Kamakhya: Intimations of the Solar System

This paper discusses the dimensions of the Dasa Mahavidyas at Kamakhya; the pilgrimages Kalli Rose made to India a number of times; and her desire of the female-centered history of astrology.  2004


Goddess in the Sky  The Archaeomythology of Marija Gimbutas and the Astrological Language of Neolithic Old Europe

Gimbutas was a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures. She believed these cultures were matriarchal. Building on this scholarship, Kalli’s paper (which was unfinished and preliminary) builds on Gimbutas’ research and deals with, 1) Astrology and the history of religion, 2) Neolithic figurines and rituals in comparison to the constellations and astrology, 3) Neolithic and animal symbolism, with reference to astrological shamanism. 2004
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Homage to Sekhmet

This is a poem whose scope is the universe and is written to Sekhmet, an Egyptian goddess of war and of healing, as a tour of the constellations and their meanings. A late work of Kalli’s, which reflects the maturation and synthesis of the different threads of study in her life: feminism, astrology, and goddess worship. 2007


Peace Starwalk with Great Female Bear

Kalli Rose’s discussion on her journey, the seven stars of the big dipper, creating the Herstar website and trying to close the circle with Ursa Major, The Great Female Bear. 2009


Peacewalk through the Female/Mother and Daughter Bear Constellations: Bearings of Love and Indomitability for our Maternal Humanity

Speech notes from the last presentation Kalli Rose made on October 24, 2009, two months before her death, at the Toronto Conference, whose purpose was to examine The Gift Economy. 2009


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