Personal Works

The sheer amount of writing that Kalli left is a testimony to her process: She invented, refined, and polished her ideas by writing, editing, and rewriting.  This is true of her personal work as well as her scholarly work. To read Kalli’s personal writing is to gain a rare and keen insight into a mind creating new pathways in several disciplines. By reading her words about her own journey one can chart her personal growth – growth, which is closely mirrored in her scholarship,

Letter to the Editor – Catlin Gable High School  “Equally Dedicated to the Female and Male, written when Kalli was 17 and her early thoughts about feminism, relationships and love. April 1973

Kalli’s Root Values as Historian, Theologian and Feminist: This was part of a letter to a friend discussing the preparation for her doctoral thesis: the investigation of two astrological traditions and her stance as a theologian and feminist and what themes could be explored in the context of a doctoral program.  2000

Invoking the Spirits and Guardians to Assist Life Transition was a tape that Kalli recorded in May 1999, after her father, Carl M. Halvorson, passed on at age 83.   It is a journey through the forces of Nature and around the heavens, punctuated at times by the beating of drums, the chiming of bells and singing.  Kalli artfully weaves all of her studies, teachings, writings and philosophies.  She invoked the spirits, the goddess Tara, the god Ganesh, living guardians (animals of the earth), elements of nature (seasons), and the solidity of our earth that draws in celestial power and the intelligence of the sky for each of the seven directions our lives.   The Halvorson family used Kalli’s words and ceremony for her father’s ceremony in 1999 as the ceremony to say goodbye to Kalli herself on Dec. 23, 2009.